New Zealand Entomologist (2002) 25(1): 57–64
©New Zealand Entomological Society, Inc.

Journal Article
A new genus and species of large extinct Ulodidae (Coleoptera) from New Zealand

Richard A. B. Leschen and Birgit E. Rhode

Archaeophylax worthyi n. gen, n. sp., is described from a nearly complete late Holocene fossil collected in layer 4 of F1c Cave in the Waitomo region of the North Island of New Zealand. The length of A. worthyi is estimated to be 24.5 mm and it is the largest member of Ulodidae. The fusion of the elytra suggests that A. worthyi was flightless, and it is presumed that extinction of the species was due to its large size and vulnerability to introduced predators.

Keywords: Late Holocene, body size, background mimicry, taphonomy