The Weta (2009) 37(1): 7–9
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Contributed article
A specimen of the knobbled Weevil Hadramphus stilbocarpae (Curculionidae; Molytinae; Molytini) from East Ruggedy on mainland Stewart Island

Morgan Shields *1

1 123 Lynn Street, Dunedin
*Corresponding author.

Abstract: On 12th December 2008 I found a specimen of Hadramphus stilbocarpae (Kuschel 1971) (Figure 1) dead, on sand, not far from East Ruggedy Hut at East Ruggedy Beach, and roughly 1 km inland from the coast (Figure 2). Dr R. Leschen (Curator of Coleoptera, NZ Arthropod Collection) examined and identified the specimen on 11 February 2009 and Dr W. Kuschel (7 Tropicana Drive, Mt. Roskill, Auckland) also examined it and confirmed this determination on 12 February 2009. The specimen is lodged in the authorís collection.
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