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The Weta, 41(1): 4–26 (2011)
Research article
Bankside Scientific Reserve - an important refuge for Canterbury's dryland insect fauna
Rowan Emberson, Pauline Syrett and Ronny Groenteman
Pages: 4–26
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 266 KB)

The Weta, 40(1): 42–44 (2010)
Research article
Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and Protaetia brevitarsis (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) intercepted in Dunedin
A.C. Harris
Pages: 42–44
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 187 KB)

The Weta, 33(1): 17–19 (2007)
Contributed article
Living Statilia maculata Thunberg (Insecta: Mantodea: Mantidae) and other invertebrates, frequently imported into Dunedin on used cars
Anthony Harris
Pages: 17–19
Article (pdf file, 91 KB)

New Zealand Entomologist, 30(1): 93–100 (2007)
Roy Alexander Harrison: 1918–2006
Eric Scott and Rowan Emberson
Pages: 93–100
Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

New Zealand Entomologist, 27(1): 61–72 (2004)
Journal Article
Invertebrate fauna of boneseed, Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. monilifera (L.) T. Norl. (Asteraceae: Calenduleae), an invasive weed in New Zealand
Chris J. Winks, Simon V. Fowler and Lindsay A. Smith
Pages: 61–72
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 196 kb)

The Weta, 27(1): 31–32 (2004)
Original article
Range extensions of Ancistrocerus gazella (Hymenoptera: Eumenidae) and Myomantis caffra (Mantodea: Mantidae)
A. C. Harris
Pages: 31–32
Article (pdf file, 102 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 26(1): 3–5 (2003)
Journal Article
Where does the New Zealand praying mantis, Orthodera novaezealandiae (Colenso) (Mantodea: Mantidae), deposit its oothecae?
M. K. Bowie and M. H. Bowie
Pages: 3–5
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 237 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 14(1): 52–53 (1991)
Book Review
Mantodea (Insecta), With a Review of Functional Aspects of Morphology and Biology
D. M. Suckling
Pages: 52–53
Article (pdf file, 43.3 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 13(1): 62–75 (1990)
Journal Article
Invertebrate survey of Somes Island (Matiu) and Mokopuna Island, Wellington Harbour, New Zealand
J. R. Grehan
Pages: 62–75
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1160 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 10(1): 50–64 (1987)
Journal Article
Invertebrate survey of offshore islands in relation to potential food sources for the little spotted kiwi, Apteryx oweni (Aves: Apterygidae)
A. Moeed and M. J. Meads
Pages: 50–64
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 552 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 7(1): 64–70 (1979)
Journal Article
Notes on insects of the Chatham Islands
R. P. Macfarlane
Pages: 64–70
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 378 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 31(1): 17–22 (2008)
Research article
The House Dust Mite and Storage Mite fauna of New Zealand dwellings
Adrian J Pike and Kristin Wickens
Pages: 17–22
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.16 MB)

New Zealand Entomologist, 31(1): 35–40 (2008)
Research article
Methods for rearing and observations on the life history of Ctenognathus novaezelandiae (Fairmaire) (Coleoptera: Carabidae)
Bruce A Philip and Elisabeth P. J. Burgess
Pages: 35–40
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 128 KB)

New Zealand Entomologist, 31(1): 41–46 (2008)
Research article
Observations on the ecology and behaviour of Ctenognathus novaezelandiae (Fairmaire) (Coleoptera: Carabidae)
Bruce A Philip and Elisabeth P. J. Burgess
Pages: 41–46
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 137 KB)

The Weta, 34(1): 17–23 (2007)
Contributed article
Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in New Zealand: reverting to the traditional Aedes nomenclature
J. Derraik
Pages: 17–23
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 29 kb)

The Weta, 25(1): 18–23 (2002)
Original article
An introduction to entomological research on Kowhai Farm - The Heinz Wattie's Organic Farm at Lincoln University
M. H. Bowie, S. D. Wratten and J. M. Tylianakis
Pages: 18–23
Article (pdf file, 875 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 19(1): 51–55 (1996)
Journal Article
Onychophora of New Zealand; past, present and future
Dianne M. Gleeson
Pages: 51–55
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 289 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 15(1): 63–71 (1992)
Journal Article
A survey of invertebrates in scrublands and forest, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Abdul. Moeed and M. J. Meads
Pages: 63–71
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 736 kb)

The Weta, 13(1): 13–14 (1990)
Original article
Mantids in my garden
O. R. Green
Pages: 13–14
Article (pdf file, 268 kb)

The Weta, 12(2): 56–86 (1989)
Original article
The index to The Weta
P. Maddison
Pages: 56–86
Article (pdf file, 5955 kb)

The Weta, 11(2): 25–29 (1988)
Original article
Behaviour of the mantid Orthodera ministralis Fabr.
J. F. Castle
Pages: 25–29
Article (pdf file, 699 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 10(1): 99–104 (1987)
Journal Article
The arthropod fauna of bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) on the Port Hills, South Island, New Zealand
M. J. Winterbourn
Pages: 99–104
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 271 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 10(1): 104–121 (1987)
Journal Article
Light trap records from southern North Island hill country
P. G. McGregor, P. J. Watts and M. J. Esson
Pages: 104–121
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 719 kb)

The Weta, 10(1): 17–22 (1987)
Original article
Hearing in the New Zealand mantis (Ortherdera ministralis)
G. Lowe
Pages: 17–22
Article (pdf file, 714 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 8(1): 88–90 (1984)
Journal Article
Blue, red, and yellow insects
B. G. Bennett
Pages: 88–90
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 125 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 8(1): 102–104 (1984)
Journal Article
Miomantis caffra, a new mantid record (Mantodea: Mantidae) for New Zealand
G. W. Ramsay
Pages: 102–104
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 123 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 8(1): 90–96 (1984)
Journal Article
Observations on the winter survival of the praying mantis, Orthodera ministralis (Mantodea: Mantidae), in Auckland
T. K. Crosby
Pages: 90–96
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 569 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 8(1): 96–101 (1984)
Journal Article
Laboratory studies on the praying mantis Orthodera ministralis (Mantodea: Mantidae)
D. M. Suckling
Pages: 96–101
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 287 kb)

The Weta, 7(3): 54–57 (1984)
Original article
Fire! Fire! The 15th day after
T. K. Crosby and G. Hall
Pages: 54–57
Article (pdf file, 632 kb)

The Weta, 6(2): 66–67 (1983)
Original article
The German wasp - super predator!
D. R. Gibbs
Pages: 66–67
Article (pdf file, 335 kb)

The Weta, 5(2): 44 (1982)
Original article
Archaeoteleia novaezelandiae Masner (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae)
F. D. Chambers
Pages: 44
Article (pdf file, 149 kb)

The Weta, 4(2): 20 (1981)
Research article
Unseasonal hatching of Orthopteroid insects
B.G. Bennett
Pages: 20
Article (pdf file, 97 KB)

The Weta, 4(2): S1–S18 (1981)
Index to the scientific newsletters and 'The Weta' produced by the New Zealand Entomological Society, Inc., 1974–1981
Peter Maddison and Lillian Martin
Pages: S1–S18
Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

The Weta, 4(1): 2–5 (1981)
Research article
Observations on the large New Zealand centipede Cormocephalus rubriceps (Newport)
Graeme Lowe
Pages: 2–5
Article (pdf file, 286 KB)

The Weta, 2(1): 1–2 (1978)
Research article
Observations on the praying mantis (Orthodera minstralis)
Barry Homewood
Pages: 1–2
Article (pdf file, 177 KB)

New Zealand Entomologist, 4(3): 3–23 (1970)
Journal Article
Pages: 3–23
Article (pdf file, 640 kb)

New Zealand Entomologist, 4(2): 38–46 (1969)
Journal Article
Pages: 38–46
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 338 kb)